Word Summary
shabbathon: sabbath observance, sabbatism
Original Word: שַׁבָּתוֹן
Transliteration: shabbathon
Phonetic Spelling: (shab-baw-thone')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: sabbath observance, sabbatism
Meaning: sabbath observance, sabbatism
Strong's Concordance
rest, sabbath

From shabbath; a sabbatism or special holiday -- rest, sabbath.

see HEBREW shabbath


H7677. shabbathon

שַׁבָּתוֺןnoun masculine sabbath observance, sabbatism; — ׳שׁExodus 16:23 10t. P; usually phrase שַׁבָּתוֺן שַׁבַּתsabbath of sabbatic observance; —

1 of weekly sabbath Exodus 31:15; 35:2; Leviticus 23:3; Exodus 16:23 (קֹדֶשׁ שַׁבַּת שַׁבָּתוֺן‎, probably transposed).

2 day of atonement Leviticus 16:31; 23:32.

3 sabbatical year Leviticus 25:4; compare שַׁבָּתוֺן שְׁנַת25:5.

4 ׳שׁ‎ alone of feast of trumpets Leviticus 23:24, and of first and eighth days of feast of tabernacles 23:39; 23:39.