Word Summary
shibbol or shibboleth: ear (of grain)
Original Word: שִׁבֹּל
Transliteration: shibbol or shibboleth
Phonetic Spelling: (shib-bole)
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: ear (of grain)
Meaning: a stream, an ear of grain, a branch
Strong's Concordance
branch, channel, ear of corn, water, flood, Shibboleth

Or (feminine) shibboleth {shib-bo'-leth}; from the same as shebel; a stream (as flowing); also an ear of grain (as growing out); by analogy, a branch -- branch, channel, ear (of corn), ((water-))flood, Shibboleth. Compare cibboleth.

see HEBREW shebel

see HEBREW cibboleth


H7641. shibbol

or shibboleth I. שִׁבֹּ֫לֶתnoun feminine flowing stream; — ׳שׁ‎ absolute Psalm 69:3, as test of dialect Judges 12:6 (compare סִבֹּלֶת‎ and GFM); construct ׳שׁ מַיִםPsalm 69:16, ׳שׁ הַנָּהָרIsaiah 27:12.

II. שִׁבֹּ֫לֶתnoun feminine ear of grain; — ׳שׁ‎ absolute Job 24:21 +; plural שִׁבֳּלִיםGenesis 41:5 +, construct שִׁבֳּלֵיZechariah 4:12; — ear, Genesis 41:5-6, 7: 41:7; 41:22; 41:23; 41:24 (twice in verse); 41:26-27, Isaiah 17:5 (twice in verse); Ruth 2:2; Job 24:24; transf. spike (Pusey), end of olive bough Zechariah 4:12.