Word Summary
shaanan: at ease, secure
Original Word: שַׁאֲנָן
Transliteration: shaanan
Phonetic Spelling: (shah-an-awn')
Part of Speech: Adjective
Short Definition: at ease, secure
Meaning: secure, haughty
Strong's Concordance
secure, at ease, quiet

From sha'an; secure; in a bad sense, haughty -- that is at ease, quiet, tumult. Compare shal'anan.

see HEBREW sha'an

see HEBREW shal'anan


H7600. shaanan

שַׁאֲנָןadjective at ease, secure (BaNB § 143a Ges§ 84 b k); — absolute׳שׁIsaiah 33:20; plural שַׁאֲנִּיםAmos 6:1 +, שַׁאֲנַנּוֺתIsaiah 32:9, 11, 18; —

1 at ease, secure: שׁ ׳נָוֶהIsaiah 33:20 ,secure habitation (of Jerusalem), compare שׁ ׳מְנוּחוֺת32:18 ("" מִבְטָחִים‎).

2 as substantive, one at ease, free from misfortune, Job 12:5.

3 at ease, with collateral idea of careless, wanton, arrogant, Amos 6:1; Isaiah 32:9, 11; Zechariah 1:15; Psalm 123:4.

4 as substantive abstract = arrogance: suffix שַׁאֲנַנְךָ‎, 2 Kings 19:28 ("" הִתְרַגֶּזְךָ‎) = Isaiah 37:29, but < שְׁאוֺנְךָthine uproar, BuZAW xii (1892), 36 Gr Che Marti Kit (perhaps), Bur. compare שׁלאנן‎.