Word Summary
rasham: to inscribe, note
Original Word: רָשַׁם
Transliteration: rasham
Phonetic Spelling: (raw-sham')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to inscribe, note
Meaning: to inscribe, note
Strong's Concordance

A primitive root; to record -- note.


H7559. rasham

[רָשַׁם‎] verb inscribe, note (Late Hebrew id..; so Aramaic רְשַׁם‎, ; Arabic is loan-word NöZMG xxix (1875), 327 Frä137. 250); —

Qal Passive participle with art, as substantive אֱמֶת בִּכְתָב הָרָשׁוּםDaniel 10:21 that which is inscribed in the writing of truth.

רשׁע‎ (√of following; opposed to צרק‎; compare Arabic be loose (of limbs) Kam Frey; whence perhaps be (disjoined), ill regulated, abnormal, wicked; Late Hebrew רָשָׁעcriminal, רִשְׁעָהcrime, verb Hiph`il (denominative) declare guilty; Aramaic רְשַׁעbe wicked, Aph`el do wickedly, and derivatives; Ethiopic usually forget, loss often err, be wicked, wicked (loan-word from Syriac SchwZMG iii (1898), 135)).

רְשַׁםverb inscribe, sign (ᵑ7‎ Syr.; see Biblical Hebrew (once, late)); —

Pe`al Perfect3masculine singular ׳רDaniel 6:10; 2masculine singular רְשַׁ֫מְתָּ6:13; רְשַׁ֑מְתָּ6:14; Imperfect2masculine singular (וְ)תִרְשֻׁם6:9; — inscribe (probably with one's name, i.e.) sign, accusative כְּתָבָא6:9; 6:10, אֱסָר6:13; 6:14.

Pe`il Perfect3masculine singular רְשִׁים‎, subject כְּתָבא‎:

1 be inscribed, written, Daniel 5:24-25,.

2 be signed Daniel 6:11.