Word Summary
ritspah: a glowing stone
Original Word: רִצְפָה
Transliteration: ritspah
Phonetic Spelling: (rits-paw')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: a glowing stone
Meaning: a hot stone, a tessellated pavement
Strong's Concordance
live coal, pavement

Feminine of retseph; a hot stone; also a tessellated pavement -- live coal, pavement.

see HEBREW retseph


H7531. ritspah

ִרצְפָהnoun feminine pavement; — absolute ׳רEzekiel 40:17 (twice in verse) +, construct ִרצְפַתEsther 1:6 (van d. H. מַּת רִעצמָּה,‎-); — pavement, in Ezekiel's temple, Ezekiel 40:17 (twice in verse); 40:18 (twice in verse); 42:3; Solomon's temple 2 Chronicles 7:3; in a palace Esther 1:6.

I. רִצְמָּהnoun feminine glowing stone (or coal) (WeIsrael u. Jüd. Geschichte. (3) 83); — ׳ר‎ absolute Isaiah 6:6; plural רְצָפִים עֻגַת1 Kings 19:6 (compare Syriac above).