Word Summary
arak: to be long
Original Word: אָרַךְ
Transliteration: arak
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-rak')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to be long
Meaning: to be, long
Strong's Concordance
defer, tarry long

A primitive root; to be (causative, make) long (literally or figuratively) -- defer, draw out, lengthen, (be, become, make, pro-)long, + (out-, over-)live, tarry (long).


H748. arak

[אָרֵךְ אָרַךְ,‎] verb be long, almost always of time (Assyrian arâku COTGloss, Aramaic אֲרַךְ‎, ) —

Qal Perfect אָֽרְכוּGenesis 26:8; Imperfect יַאַרְכוּEzekiel 12:22; 3feminine plural וַתֶּאֱרַכְנָה31:5 (strike out B Co) — be long, subject הַיָמִים‎ (i.e. a long time passed Genesis 26:8 (J); compare Assyrian urriku ûmî, days grew long, Creation Tableta see COT 1:1); of delayed fulfillment of prophecy Ezekiel 12:22; subject מּאֹרֹת31:5 (but compare above)

Hiph`il Perfect הֶאֱרִיךְProverbs 19:11; וְהַאֲרַכְתָּ֫Deuteronomy 22:7, etc.; Imperfect יַאֲרִיךְ17:20 +; יַאֲרִיכוּ25:15; יַאֲרִכוּןExodus 20:12 compare Deuteronomy 5:16; 6:2; תַּאֲרִיכֻן4:26; 30:18, etc.; Imperative feminine singular הַאֲרִיכִיIsaiah 54:2: Infinitive construct הַאֲרִיךְNumbers 9:19, 22; Participle מַאֲרִיךְEcclesiastes 7:15; 8:12; —

1 transitive prolong, (a) object יָמִים‎ (i.e. live long) Deuteronomy 4:26, 40; 5:30; 11:9; 17:20; 22:7; 30:18; 32:47; Joshua 24:31= Judges 2:7 (with אַחֲרֵי‎ = survive), Proverbs 28:16; Isaiah 53:10; Ecclesiastes 8:13; also (late) without ימים7:15; 8:12; (b) id. 1 Kings 3:14 ׳י‎ subject אֶתיָֿמֶיךָ וְהַאֲרַכְתִּיI will prolong thy days; (c) postpone anger Isaiah 48:9 compare Proverbs 19:11 (i.e. shew oneself slow to anger); see also Job 6:11 נַפְשִׁי אַאֲרִיךְ‎ i.e. be patient; (d) literal (but in figure) make long furrows (with ל‎) Psalm 129:3; tentcords Isaiah 54:2; tongue 57:4 (stretch out in mockery).

2 intransitive grow long, continue long (i.e. display length or continuance), subject יָמִיםExodus 20:12 = Deuteronomy 5:16; 6:2; 25:15; tarry long Numbers 9:19, 22 (subject הֶעָנָן‎), last (continue) long, (subject כֵּןProverbs 28:2; be long (literally) of staves of ark 1 Kings 8:8; 2 Chronicles 5:9.

I. ארך‎ (√ of following; Biblical Hebrew [ אָרַךְ‎, אָרֵךְ‎]).