Word Summary
roa: badness, evil
Original Word: רֹעַ
Transliteration: roa
Phonetic Spelling: (ro'-ah)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: badness, evil
Meaning: badness, evil
Strong's Concordance
be so bad, badness, be so evil, naughtiness, sadness, sorrow, wickedness

From ra'a'; badness (as marring), physically or morally -- X be so bad, badness, (X be so) evil, naughtiness, sadness, sorrow, wickedness.

see HEBREW ra'a'


H7455. roa

רֹעַnoun [masculine] badness, evil; — ׳ר‎ absolute Genesis 41:19 4t. Jeremiah; construct Hosea 9:15 13t.; —

1 badness, bad quality, of cattle Genesis 41:19 (E), figs Jeremiah 24:2-3, 8; 29:17.

2 wilfulness, לבב רֹעַ1 Samuel 17:28 (Gerber161makes 2 and 4 [infinitive of] verb).

3 ethical, evil, badness, only in phrase: מעללים רֹעַevil of doings Deuteronomy 28:20; Isaiah 1:16; Jeremiah 4:4; 21:12; 23:2, 22; 25:5; 26:3; 44:22; Hosea 9:15; Psalm 28:4 (compare מעללים רַע1 Samuel 25:3).

4 sadness, ׳ר מָּנִיםEcclesiastes 7:3, ׳ר לֵבNehemiah 2:3 (compare [רָעַע‎] 2).