Word Summary
ramas: to trample
Original Word: רָמַס
Transliteration: ramas
Phonetic Spelling: (raw-mas')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to trample
Meaning: to tread upon
Strong's Concordance
oppressor, stamp upon, trample under feet, tread down, upon

A primitive root; to tread upon (as a potter, in walking or abusively) -- oppressor, stamp upon, trample (under feet), tread (down, upon).


H7429. ramas

רָמַסverb trample (Late Hebrew id.; Jewish-Aramaic רְמַס‎; compare perhaps Syriac , Arabic , kick (BaES 33ii. 196); is bury, and conceal grave); —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular consecutive ׳וְרMicah 5:7; Imperfect3masculine singular יִרְמֹסEzekiel 26:11; Psalm 7:6, יִרְמָסֿIsaiah 41:25, suffix וַיִּרְמְסֶנָּה2 Kings 9:33, etc.; Imperative feminine singular רִמְסִיNahum 3:14; Infinitive construct רְמֹסIsaiah 1:12; Participle רֹמֵס16:4; — trample, of men, with accusative חֲצֵרָ֑י1:12, חוּצוֺתEzekiel 26:11 (by horses' hoofs), טִיט41:25 (in simile), compare ׳ר בַחֹמֶרNahum 3:14, accusative מִרְעֶהEzekiel 34:18 (in figurative); trample down, accusative of person, animal, or thing, 2 Kings 7:17, 20, so (by horses' hoofs) 9:33, ׳יִר חַיָּי֫ לָאָרֶץPsalm 7:6; 91:13 ("" תִּדְרֹךְ‎); subject ׳יIsaiah 63:13 (figurative; +דָּרַךְ‎), subject רֶנֶל26:6; subject beast 2 Kings 14:9 (allegory) = 2 Chronicles 25:18; Daniel 8:7 (vision), of horn, 8:10; absolute of lion, ׳וְר וְטָרַףMicah 5:7 (simile); participle as substantive collective tramplers (i.e. devastators) Isaiah 16:4.

Niph`al be trampled, Imperfect3feminine plural תֵּרָמַ֑סְנָה בְּרַגֶלַיִםIsaiah 28:3 (on subject compare Di Du CheHpti. 183).