Word Summary
Riblah: a city in Hamath, also one on N.E. border of Isr
Original Word: רִבְלָה
Transliteration: Riblah
Phonetic Spelling: (rib-law')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Short Definition: a city in Hamath, also one on N.E. border of Isr
Meaning: Riblah -- a city in Hamath, also one on southeast border of Israel
Strong's Concordance

From an unused root meaning to be fruitful; fertile; Riblah, a place in Syria -- Riblah.


H7247. Riblah

רִבְלָהproper name, of a location 1. ׳ו‎ in land of Hamath 2 Kings 23:33; 25:21 = Jeremiah 52:27; 39:6; with ה‎ locative, רִבְ֫לָתָךְ2 Kings 25:6, 20 = Jeremiah 52:26, also ('in land of Hamath') 39:5; 52:9; בְּרִבְלָ֑תָה52:10; read רִבְדָמל֫תָה‎ also Ezekiel 6:14 (for ׳דִּב ᵑ0‎, see [ דִּבְלָה‎]); ᵐ5‎ usually Δεβλαθα (also 6:14); modern Ribla on Orontes, RobBR ii. 507; iii. 543 ff. BdPal 3. 405.

2 הָרִבְלָה (מִשְּׁפָם)Numbers 34:11, on northeast border of land of Israel, certainly not so far north as

1, but site unknown; ᵐ5ἀπὀ σεπφαμαρ Βηλα, whence Di and others conjecture הַרְבֵּ֫לָךְ‎, but not Harmel, 8 miles southwest from ׳ו

1 (WetzstZAW iii (1883), 274 f.), see DrHast. DB.

רַבסָֿרִיס רַבמָֿ֑ג,‎ see II. רַב‎.

I. רבע‎ (√ of following; see [ רָבַע‎], רֹ֫בַע רֶ֫בַע,‎ etc., below; also in ling. cognate).