Word Summary
qishshurim: bands, sashes
Original Word: קִשֻּׁר
Transliteration: qishshurim
Phonetic Spelling: (kish-shoor')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: bands, sashes
Meaning: bands, sashes
Strong's Concordance
attire, headband

From qashar; an (ornamental) girdle (for women) -- attire, headband.

see HEBREW qashar


H7196. qishshurim

קִשֻּׁרִיםnoun [masculine]

plural bands, sashes, or other woman's ornament that is bound on: — absolute ׳קIsaiah 3:20; suffix קִשֻּׁרֶיהָJeremiah 2:32 ("" עֶדְיָהּ‎; compare √

Pi`el Isaiah 49:18).

I. קשׁשׁ‎ (√ of following; compare קְשַׁשׁ ᵑ7be old (originally be dried up)?, Syriac be old; Jewish-Aramaic קַשִּׁישׁold; Palmyrene קשישא‎ name of office, perhaps elder; Late Hebrew קַשׁstubble, straw (Löwp. 160), so Syriac , קַשָּׁא ᵑ7‎ (Exodus 15:7; Isaiah 40:24); Arabic is loan-word Frä137).