Word Summary
qara: to tear
Original Word: קָרַע
Transliteration: qara
Phonetic Spelling: (kaw-rah')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to tear
Meaning: to rend
Strong's Concordance
cut out, rend, surely, tear

A primitive root; to rend, literally or figuratively (revile, paint the eyes, as if enlarging them) -- cut out, rend, X surely, tear.


H7167. qara

קָרַע63 verb tear (Late Hebrew id.; Arabic strike head, bell, etc., beat drum, box ear, gnash teeth (Frey Dozy); also impugn, censure); —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular ׳ק1 Samuel 15:28 +, etc.; Imperfect3masculine singular זַיִּקְרַעGenesis 37:29 +; 1 singular suffix אֶקְרָעֶנָּה1 Kings 11:12, etc.; Imperative masculine plural קִרְעוּ2 Samuel 3:31; Joel 2:13; Infinitive absolute קָרֹעַ1 Kings 11:11; construct לִקְרוֺעַEcclesiastes 3:7, suffix קָרְעִיEzra 9:5; Participle active קֹרֵעַ1 Kings 11:31; passive קָרוּעַ2 Samuel 15:32, etc.; — tear, rend:

1. a. usually (39 t.) of rending garment in (I) sign of grief, distress: בֶּגֶד‎ (29 t.) Genesis 37:29, 34; 44:13; 2 Samuel 13:19 +; ׳ק ׳ב קְרָעִים לִשְׁנַיִם2 Kings 2:12, ׳ק ב וְאַל ׳לְבַבְכֶםJoel 2:13; participle Pass. ק ׳בְּגָדָיו2 Samuel 1:2; construct ב ׳קְרֻעֵיtorn of garments (pers. with torn garments 13:31 (but read ᵑ9 ᵐ5 ב ׳קָֽרְעוּ‎ Th We and others), 2 Kings 18:37 = Isaiah 36:22; Jeremiah 41:5; מְעִילJob 1:20; 2:12; Ezra 9:3 (+ בֶּנֶד‎), כְּתֹנֶת2 Samuel 13:19, כֻּתָּנְתּוֺ קָרוּעַ15:32 (Ges§ 121d); שְׂמָתֹGenesis 37:34; 44:13; Joshua 7:6; passive participle קְרֻעִים מַדָּיו1 Samuel 4:12; (2) as symbolic act, ק ׳קְרָעִים עָשָׁר שְׁנֵים שַׂלְמָה1 Kings 11:30; (3) absolute לִתְמּוֺר וְעֵת לִקְרוֺעַ עֵתEcclesiastes 3:7.

b. tear away or out: veils Ezekiel 13:21, fillets from (מֵעַל‎) arms 13:20, mark of leprosy out of (מִן‎) garment Leviticus 13:56.

2 tear away sovereignty (under figure of garment), subject מֵעַל ׳י,‎ person 1 Samuel 15:28; 1 Kings 11:11, also מִיַּד1 Samuel 28:17; 1 Kings 11:12, 31, מִן14:8, absolute 11:13; with accusative ׳יִשׂ‎ + מֵעַל2 Kings 17:21.

3 tear, rend asunder:

a. book with (ב‎) knife Jeremiah 36:23.

b. = make wide, large, eyes, with (ב‎) stibium Jeremiah 4:30; windows, ׳וק לוֺ‎ [ו‎]חַלּוֺנָ֑י22:14.

c. rend open heavens, and descend of ׳י‎, Isaiah 63:19.

4 tear, rend, of wild beasts: ׳י‎ as fierce bear Hosea 13:8 (object לִבָּם סְגוֺר‎); figurative of human foes Psalm 35:15 (accusative of person omitted), so Hup and others, but (from context) Ol Bae We and others malign, rail (compare Arabic above); > Gr and others קָרְאוֺ‎.

Niph`al be rent, of garment (מְעִיל‎), Imperfect3masculine singular וַיִּקָּרַ֑ע1 Samuel 15:27, יִקָּרֵעַExodus 28:32; 39:23; be rent, split asunder, of altar 1 Kings 13:3, 5.