Word Summary
Qorchi: descendant of Korah
Original Word: קָרְחִי
Transliteration: Qorchi
Phonetic Spelling: (kor-khee')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Short Definition: descendant of Korah
Meaning: Korahites -- descendant of Korah
Strong's Concordance
Korahite, Korathite, sons of Kore, Korhite

Patronymic from Qorach; a Korchite (collectively) or descendants of Korach -- Korahite, Korathite, sons of Kore, Korhite.

see HEBREW Qorach


H7145. Qorchi

קָרְחִיadjective, of a people of קֹרַח

2; always with article; 1 Chronicles 9:31; as substantive collective Exodus 6:24; Numbers 26:58; plural הַקָּרְחִים1 Chronicles 9:19; 12:7 (van d. H. v.12:6). 26:1; בְּנֵי הַקָּרְחִי26:19; הַקָּרְחִים בְּנֵי2 Chronicles 20:19.

II. קרח‎ (√ of following; meaning unknown).