Word Summary
qetsath: an end
Original Word: קְצָת
Transliteration: qetsath
Phonetic Spelling: (kets-awth')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: an end
Meaning: a termination, a portion, after
Strong's Concordance
end, part, some

From qatsah; a termination (literally or figuratively); also (by implication) a portion; adverbially (with prepositional prefix) after -- end, part, X some.

see HEBREW qatsah


H7117. qetsath

קְצָתnoun feminine end (LagBN 10 Ges§ 95n); — construct ׳קNehemiah 7:69 (Gi Baer, 7:70 van d. H.) +; suffix קְצָתָםDaniel 1:5; plural absolute קְצָוֺתExodus 38:5; Psalm 65:9 ( + perhaps קצוותוExodus 37:8; 39:4 Kt. see קָצָה‎; Köii. 1, 61 derives these plural forms from [קָ֑צוּ‎]); —

1 end, of corners of grating Exodus 38:5 ("" קְצוֺתָיו27:4), compare 37:8; 39:4 above (all P); ends of earth Psalm 65:9.

2 מִקְצָת‎ (some) from the end of, some of (מִן3b) Nehemiah 7:69 (so Late Hebrew), Daniel 1:2.

3 ׳מִקat the end of a certain time Daniel 1:5, 15, 18.

II. קצה‎ (√ of following (Ol§ 215 hii. 1, 405); compare Arabic decide judicially, decree, †adi).

קְצָתnoun feminine end (so Biblical Hebrew (late); ᵑ7‎ (Genesis 47:2); not Syriac; compare Egyptian Aramaic RŠS361A 4); — construct ׳לִקat the end of (months, days) Daniel 4:26; 4:31; ׳מִןקֿ מַלְכוּתָא2:42 = part of ("" מִנַּהּ‎ vd; compare Biblical Hebrew קְצָת2).