Word Summary
qippoz: perhaps arrow snake
Original Word: קִפוֹז
Transliteration: qippoz
Phonetic Spelling: (kip-poze')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: perhaps arrow snake
Meaning: spring forward, an arrow-snake
Strong's Concordance
great owl

From an unused root meaning to contract, i.e. Spring forward; an arrow-snake (as darting on its prey) -- great owl.


H7091. qippoz

קִמּוֺזnoun feminine arrow-snake (Arabic , so BoHieroz. Pars post. iii. Cap. 11 (citing Avicennaii. 139, 16, compare Thes LagBN 89), and most moderns; compare Dozyii. 383 PS1375ad. Fin.; = ἀκοντίας AelianHist. Anim. Vi. 18, viii. 13, called ׳ק‎ as leaping from trees on passers-by; but against this see HoughtonAcad. Apr. 24, 1886, 292 f. (arrow-snake does not incubate) PostHast. DB iii. 637 who conjectures an owl (as AV)); — Isaiah 34:15, token of desolation.