Word Summary
qela': a sling
Original Word: קֶלַע
Transliteration: qela'
Phonetic Spelling: (keh'-lah)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a sling
Meaning: a sling, a, screen, the valve
Strong's Concordance
hanging, leaf, sling

From qala'; a sling; also a (door) screen (as if slung across), or the valve (of the door) itself -- hanging, leaf, sling.

see HEBREW qala'


H7050. qela

' I. קֶ֫לַעnoun [masculine] sling; — absolute ׳ק1 Samuel 17:50, הַקָּ֑לַע כַּף25:29 hollow of the sling (figurative); suffixקַלְעוֺ17:40; אַבְנֵיקָֿ֑לַעJob 41:20 sling-stones, so ׳א קְלָעִים2 Chronicles 26:14; קֶֿלַע׳אZechariah 9:15 is difficult: MartiKau ׳קֿ׳כְּא‎; We Now ק ׳בְּנֵיsons of — ?

II. [קֶ֫לַע‎]15 noun [masculine] curtain, hanging (P); — plural absoluteקְעִיםExodus 27:9 7t. Exodus; construct קַעֵי35:17 4t. Exodus; Numbers 3:26; 4:26. — 1 Kings 6:34b read צְלָעִים‎.