Word Summary
Areli: a son of Gad, also his desc
Original Word: אַרְאֵלִי
Transliteration: Areli
Phonetic Spelling: (ar-ay-lee')
Part of Speech: Proper Name Masculine
Short Definition: a son of Gad, also his desc
Meaning: Areli -- a son of Gad, also his desc
Strong's Concordance
Areli, Arelites

From 'er'el; heroic; Areli (or an Arelite, collectively), an Israelite and his descendants -- Areli, Arelites.

see HEBREW 'er'el


H692. Areli

אַרְאֵלִיproper name, masculine (apparently noun, of a people from foregoing, but ᵐ5Numbers 26:17 Ἀριηλ (Genesis 46:16 Ἀροηλεις, Ἀροηδις, Ἀπηδεις) = foregoing) a son of Gad 46:16; Numbers 26:17; also

adjective, of a people with article as proper name collective Numbers 26:17 ᵐ5 הָאַרְאֵלִי מִשְׁמַּחַתἈριηλει.