Word Summary
tsrowr: a bundle, parcel, pouch, bag
Original Word: צְרוֹר
Transliteration: tsrowr
Phonetic Spelling: (tser-ore')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a bundle, parcel, pouch, bag
Meaning: a parcel, a kernel, particle
Strong's Concordance
bag, bendeth, bundle, least grain, small stone

Or (shorter) tsror {tser-ore'}; from tsarar; a parcel (as packed up); also a kernel or particle (as if a package) -- bag, X bendeth, bundle, least grain, small stone.

see HEBREW tsarar


H6872. tsrowr

I. צְרוֺרnoun masculineHaggai 1:6 bundle, parcel, pouch, bag (properly a binding, i.e. something bound up); — ׳צ‎ absolute Amos 9:9 +, construct Genesis 42:35 +; plural construct צְרֹרוֺת42:35; — bundle or pouch (purse) of money 42:35 (twice in verse) (E), Proverbs 7:20; ׳צ הַמֹּרSong of Solomon 1:13 (figurative of lover); הַחַיִּים בִּצ ׳צְרוּרָה1 Samuel 25:29 (figurative; see I. צרר‎); בִּצ ׳חָתֻם מִּשְׁעִיJob 14:17 (i.e. hidden, forgotten Hi Bu and others; > al. treasured up), ׳צ נָקוּבHaggai 1:6 (see I. נקב‎).

II. צְרוֺרnoun masculine pebble; — ׳צ2 Samuel 17:13; also Amos 9:9 (where perhaps figurative for grain of wheat, in metaphor of winnowed Israel, compare Dr Now and others; > pebble retained in sieve PreuschemZAW xv (1895), 24, compare on custom WetzstZPV xiv (1891), f.).

III. צְרוֺרproper name, masculine grandfather of Kish 1 Samuel 9:1, Αρεδ, ᵐ5‎ of L Σαρα.