Word Summary
tsipporen: fingernail, stylus point
Original Word: צִפֹּרֶן
Transliteration: tsipporen
Phonetic Spelling: (tsip-po'-ren)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: fingernail, stylus point
Meaning: a claw, nail, the point of a, style
Strong's Concordance
nail, point

From tsaphar (in the denominative sense (from tsippowr) of scratching); properly, a claw, i.e. (human) nail; also the point of a style (or pen, tipped with adamant) -- nail, point.

see HEBREW tsaphar

see HEBREW tsippowr


H6856. tsipporen

צִמֹּ֫רֶןnoun [masculine] nail (of finger), stylus-point; — construct ׳צJeremiah 17:1; plural suffix צִמָּרְנֶיהָDeuteronomy 21:12; —

1 finger-nail Deuteronomy 21:12 (compare RSK 178; Semitic i. 407, 2nd ed. 428 WeHeid. 2. 171).

2 transf., ׳בְּצ שָׁמִירJeremiah 17:1 with a point of diamond (compare PlinNH 37, 4).

V. צפר‎ (√ of following; Aramaic צְפִירָצ‎, image unavailable = צָפִיר‎; perhaps compare Arabic leap (but = )).