Word Summary
tsaphah: to look out or about, spy, keep watch
Original Word: צָפָה
Transliteration: tsaphah
Phonetic Spelling: (tsaw-faw')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to look out or about, spy, keep watch
Meaning: to lean forward, to peer into the distance, to observe, await
Strong's Concordance
behold, espy, look up well, wait for, keep the watchman

A primitive root; properly, to lean forward, i.e. To peer into the distance; by implication, to observe, await -- behold, espy, look up (well), wait for, (keep the) watch(-man).


H6822. tsaphah

I. [צָפָה‎]37 verb look out or about, spy keep watch (Late Hebrew id., Pi`el hope;; Ethiopic III. hope); —

Qal28 Imperfect3masculine singular jussive וּבֵינֶ֑ךָ בֵּינִי יִצֶףGenesis 31:49 (J) may ׳יkeep watch between me and thee (that the covenant be kept = ׳א וגו ׳עֵד31:50); 3feminine plural תִּצְמֶּי֑נָה בַּגּוֺיִם עֵינָיוPsalm 66:9 his eyes keep watch upon the nations; Participle active לַצַּדִּיק רָשָׁע֫ צוֺפֶה37:32 a wicked man spieth upon the righteous; Cant 7:5 the town which looketh toward (מְּנֵי‎) Damascus; feminine צוֺפִיָּהProverbs 31:27 she keepeth watch of (with accusative); plural וְטוֺבִים רָעִים צֹפוֺת י ׳עֵינֵי15:3; elsewhere as substantive watchman, absoluteצֹפֶה2 Samuel 13:34 +; plural צֹפִים1 Samuel 14:16 +, suffix צֹפָיוIsaiah 56:10 Qr (Kt צפו‎), צֹפַיִךְ52:8; — 1 Samuel 14:16; 2 Samuel 13:34 8t. Samuel Kings, Ezekiel 33:2, 6 (twice in verse); Isaiah 52:8, so in צֹפִים שְׂדֵהNumbers 23:14 (JE); figurative of prophets Hosea 9:8; Jeremiah 6:17; Ezekiel 3:17; 33:7; Isaiah 56:10; — צוֺפִים1 Samuel 1:1 see צוּפִי‎; Passive participle צָפוּ‎ (Manuscripts and Qr צָפוּי‎), Job 15:22 spied out (and brought) to (אֱלֵי‎) the sword (Em Bi PerlesAnal. 29 צָפוּן‎ compare Di Bu). Pi`el Perfect1plural צִמִּינוּLamentations 4:17; Imperfect1singular אֲצַמֶּהMicah 7:7 +; Imperative masculine singular צַמֵּהNahum 2:2, feminine singular צַמִּיJeremiah 48:19; Participle מְצַמֶּה1 Samuel 4:13; Isaiah 21:6; plural suffix מְצַמֶּיךָMicah 7:4; — watch (closely), וְצ ׳עִמְדִי אֶלרֶּֿרֶךְJeremiah 48:19, דֶֿרֶךְ׳צNahum 2:2; + אֶל‎ of person expected Lamentations 4:17; figurative ׳בְּי אֲצַמֶּהMicah 7:7; absolute literal 1 Samuel 4:13; figurative Habakkuk 2:1 I will look forth, to see (לִרְאוֺת‎) what he will say; Psalm 5:4 I will look out (expectantly); participle as noun = watchman Isaiah 21:6; Micah 7:4.