Word Summary
tsana: to be modest or humble
Original Word: צנַע
Transliteration: tsana
Phonetic Spelling: (tsaw-nah')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to be modest or humble
Meaning: to be modest or humble
Strong's Concordance
humbly, lowly

A primitive root; to humiliate -- humbly, lowly.


H6800. tsana

[צָנַע‎] verb be modest, humble (perhaps properly be retired, Late Hebrew Hiph`il keep close, reserve, preserve, so אַצְנַע ᵑ7‎; צְנִיעַretiring, modest); —

Hiph`il Infinitive absolute לֶכֶת הַצְנֵעַMicah 6:8 a making humble to walk = shewing a humble walk (with God).


adjective modest (on formation compare BaBN § 31 d); — plural צְנוּעִיםProverbs 11:9 (see Toy; opposed to זָדוֺן‎).