Word Summary
Tsemari: a Canaanite people
Original Word: צְמָרִי
Transliteration: Tsemari
Phonetic Spelling: (tsem-aw-ree')
Part of Speech: Adjective
Short Definition: a Canaanite people
Meaning: Zemarite -- a Canaanite people
Strong's Concordance

Patrial from an unused name of a place in Palestine; a Tsemarite or branch of the Canaanites -- Zemarite.


H6786. Tsemari

צְמָרִיadjective, of a people with article as substantive collective (people of the city called Simirra by Assyrian, COTGn DlPa 281f., Egyptian Da-(m)-ma-ra WMMAs.u.Eur.187; Tel Amarna sumur according to ZimZPV xiii (1890) 145 JastrJBL xii (1898), 63; Greek τὰ Σίμυρα, etc., e.g. Straboxvi. 2, 12 >WklMVG 1896, 203 f., compare Tel Am. 40* thinks ׳צ‎, Σίμυρα, = Assyrian Zimarra, distinct from Simirra-‚umur); — ׳הַצּGenesis 10:18 = 1 Chronicles 1:16, ᵐ5‎. τὸν Σαμαραῖον; Ezekiel 27:11 Co reads וּצְמָרִים‎ for וְגַמָּדִים‎ (q. v.); Toy Krae retain ׳וְג‎; — compare modern ‚umra, north of Tripoli and south of Ruad (Arvad), see PietschmPhön. 39 BädPal. 3 (1898), 407.