Word Summary
tsemach: a sprout, growth
Original Word: צֶמַח
Transliteration: tsemach
Phonetic Spelling: (tseh'-makh)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a sprout, growth
Meaning: a sprout, growth
Strong's Concordance
branch, bud, that which where grew upon, springing

From tsamach; a sprout (usually concrete), literal or figurative -- branch, bud, that which (where) grew (upon), spring(-ing).

see HEBREW tsamach


H6780. tsemach

צֶ֫מַחnoun masculineJeremiah 23:5 sprout, growth; — absolute ׳צHosea 8:7 +, צֶ֑מַחZechariah 3:8; construct צֶ֫מַחGenesis 19:25+; suffix צִמְחָהּEzekiel 17:9 +; —

1 collective sprouting, growth, ׳צ הָאֲדָמָהGenesis 19:25 (J), ׳צ הַשָּׂדֶהEzekiel 16:7 (simile), compare Isaiah 61:11; Psalm 65:11; so ׳צ יהוהIsaiah 4:2, ׳צ‎ absolute Hosea 8:7; growth (= foliage) of vine, צ ׳טַרְמֵּיEzekiel 17:9.

2 process of growth, of vine, צִמְתָהּ עֲרֻגֹתEzekiel 17:10 = the beds where it grew.

3 future ruler, under figure of sprout from Davidic tree (compare Psalm 132:17) צ ׳לְדָוִר צַדִּיק וַהֲקִמֹתִיJeremiah 23:5 a righteous sprout, shoot, = צ לְדָוִד ׳אַצְמִיחַ צְדָקָה33:15; hence (as proper name) צ ׳עַבְדִּיZechariah 3:8, of Zerubbabel צ ׳אִישׁ שְׁמוֺ6:12.

צַמִּים‎ see צמם‎. צְמִיתֻת‎ see צמת‎. below,

צמם‎ (√ of following; compare Arabic draw together, or bandage (a wound),be compact; Late Hebrew צִמְצֵםpress; ᵑ7Jer Palpel, Ithpalpel veil (? denominative)).