Word Summary
tsamach: to sprout, spring up
Original Word: צָמַח
Transliteration: tsamach
Phonetic Spelling: (tsaw-makh')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to sprout, spring up
Meaning: to sprout, spring up
Strong's Concordance
bear, bring forth, cause to, make to bud forth, make to grow again, cause to spring forth,

A primitive root; to sprout (transitive or intransitive, literal or figurative) -- bear, bring forth, (cause to, make to) bud (forth), (cause to, make to) grow (again, up), (cause to) spring (forth, up).


H6779. tsamach

צָמַחverb sprout, spring up (Late Hebrew id., so צְמַח ᵑ7‎; Sir. spring or shine forth, shining, also sprout; Phoenician צמחposterity); —

Qal Perfect3masculine singular צָֽמַחבּֿוֺLeviticus 13:37; 3plural וְצָֽמְחוּ‎ consecutive Isaiah 44:4; Imperfect3masculine singular יִצְמַחJob 5:6, 3feminine plural תִּצְמַחְנָהIsaiah 42:9, etc.; Participle צֹמֵחַExodus 10:5, צוֺמֵחַEcclesiastes 2:6; feminine plural צֹמְחוֺתGenesis 41:6, 23; — sprout, spring up:

1 of plants, trees, etc. Genesis 2:5; Exodus 10:5 (both J), Genesis 41:6, 23 (E), Ezekiel 17:6 (in figurative); once (late) עֵצִים צוֺמֵחַ יַעַרEcclesiastes 2:6 wood sprouting with trees (full of growing trees); figurative of future ruler (see צֶמַח‎) Zechariah 6:12, posterity Isaiah 44:4, compare Job 8:19, trouble(עָמָל‎) Isaiah 5:6,truth (אֱמֶת‎) Psalm 85:12, restoration (אֲרֻכָֽתְךָ‎) Isaiah 58:8, future events 42:9.

2 of hair Leviticus 13:37 (P; compare Pi`el).

Pi`el grow abunduntly, always of hair; — Perfect 3 masculine singular צִמֵּחַEzekiel 16:7 (in figurative): Imperfect3masculine singular יִצַמַּח2 Samuel 10:5 = 1 Chronicles 19:5 (of beard); Infinitive construct לְצַמֵּחַJudges 16:22 (Samson's hair).

Hiph`il Perfect3masculine singular suffix וְהִצְמִיחָהּIsaiah 55:10 Imperfect3masculine singular יַצְמִיחַ2 Samuel 23:5; Isaiah 61: וַיַּצְמַחGenesis 2:9, etc.; Infinitive construct לְהַצְמִיחַJob 38:27; Participle מַצְמִיחַPsalm 104:14; 147:8; —

1 cause to grow, with accusative of plant, subject ׳יGenesis 2:9; Psalm 104:14, compare Job 38:27, with 2accusative Psalm 147:8 who causeth mountains to sprout grass; figurative, object צְדָקָה צֶמַחJeremiah 33:15; horn (קֶרֶן‎) of Israel Ezekiel 29:21, of David Psalm 132:17; righteousness, etc. Isaiah 61:11b; compare also 2 Samuel 23:5 (if interrogative, see Dr Bu; otherwise HPS); subject ground Genesis 3:18 compare Isaiah 61:11a (simile), Deuteronomy 29:22 (object omitted); also (figurative) Isaiah 45:8 (compare Di Kit).

2 of rain, cause the earth to sprout (absolute), Isaiah 55:10.