Word Summary
tsame: thirsty
Original Word: צָמֵא
Transliteration: tsame
Phonetic Spelling: (tsaw-may')
Part of Speech: Adjective
Short Definition: thirsty
Meaning: thirsty
Strong's Concordance
that thirsts,

From tsame'; thirsty (literally or figuratively) -- (that) thirst(-eth, -y).

see HEBREW tsame'


H6771. tsame

צָמֵאadjective thirsty; — absolute ׳צIsaiah 21:14 +; feminine singular צְמֵאָהDeuteronomy 29:18; plural צְמֵאִיםPsalm 107:5; — thirsty, usually + (or "") רָעֵב‎: 2 Samuel 17:29; Proverbs 25:21; Psalm 107:5, as substantive thirsty one Isaiah 29:8; 32:6; so also 21:14, and (figurative of thirst for ׳י‎s favour) 55:1; צָמֵא44:3 = thirsty land (Gunkl.c. proposes צְמֵאָה‎); אֶתהַֿצְּמֵאָה הָרָוָהDeuteronomy 29:18 the watered (plant, herbage) with the thirsty, figurative of entire people.