Word Summary
tsayid: hunting, game
Original Word: צַיִד
Transliteration: tsayid
Phonetic Spelling: (tsah'-yid)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: hunting, game
Meaning: the chase, game, lunch
Strong's Concordance
catch, food, hunter, that which he took in hunting, venison, victuals

From a form of tsuwd and meaning the same; the chase; also game (thus taken); (generally) lunch (especially for a journey) -- X catcheth, food, X hunter, (that which he took in) hunting, venison, victuals.

see HEBREW tsuwd


H6718. tsayid

I. צַ֫יִדnoun masculine hunting, game; — absolute ׳צGenesis 10:9+, צָ֑יִד27:3 (Qr; > Kt צידה‎), Nehemiah 13:15, construct צֵידGenesis 27:25; suffix צֵידִי27:19, etc.; —

1 hunting Genesis 27:30; ׳גִּבֹּרצֿ10:9 (twice in verse), צ ׳יֹדֵעַ25:27 (all J).

2 game hunted and taken (compare BaNB 161), Genesis 25:28; 27:3 (see above) 27:5; 27:7; 27:19; 27:25; 27:31; 27:33 (all J), compare Proverbs 12:27; עוֺף אוֺ חַיָּה צֵידLeviticus 17:13 (H).

II. [צַ֫יִד‎] noun [masculine] provision, food; — absolute צָ֑יִדNehemiah 13:15; suffix צֵידוֺJob 38:41, etc.; — provision taken on journey Joshua 9:14, צֵירָם לֶחֶם9:5 (both J E); more Generally (late). food, food-supply, Nehemiah 13:15. Psalm 132:15, of raven Job 38:41. — I.צַיִד‎ see צוד