Word Summary
tsuwts: to blossom, shine, sparkle
Original Word: צוּץ
Transliteration: tsuwts
Phonetic Spelling: (tsoots)
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to blossom, shine, sparkle
Meaning: to twinkle, glance, to blossom
Strong's Concordance
bloom, blossom, flourish, show self

A primitive root; to twinkle, i.e. Glance; by analogy, to blossom (figuratively, flourish) -- bloom, blossom, flourish, shew self.


H6692. tsuwts

I. [צִיץ צוּץ,‎] verb 1. blossom.

2 shine, sparkle (perhaps original meaning of √, but connection of

1, 2. dubious) (Late Hebrew id. Hiph`il, figurative senses, צִיץ‎ noun = Biblical Hebrew); —

Qal Perfect

13masculine singular הַמַּטֶּה צָץEzekiel 7:10 (figurative; "" הַזָּדוֺן מָּרַח‎); Imperfect3masculine singular יָצִיץPsalm 90:6 (of grass, חָצִיר‎), 103:15 (man under figure of flower), figurative יִשׂ וּפָרַח ׳יָצִיץIsaiah 27:6; 3masculine plural יָצִיצוּPsalm 72:16, וַיָּצִיצוּ92:8 ("" מָּרַח‎; both figurative of men =) flourish.

2 shine, gleam: of crown (נֵזֶר‎) Psalm 132:18.

Hiph`il Imperfect3masculine singular צִיץ וַיָּצֵץ‎ Numbers 17:23 it put forth blossoms (of rod; ֵ֯‎ perhaps from "" פֶרַח וַיֹּצֵא‎).

II. [צוּץ‎] verb Hiph`il gaze, peep (Late Hebrew Hiph`il gaze (rare); Aramaic צִיץgaze); — Participle מִןהַֿחֲרַכִּים מֵצִיץSong of Solomon 2:9 (see ׳ח‎, p. 355).