Word Summary
tsahal: to neigh, cry shrilly
Original Word: צָהַל
Transliteration: tsahal
Phonetic Spelling: (tsaw-hal')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to neigh, cry shrilly
Meaning: to gleam, be cheerful, to sound clear
Strong's Concordance
bellow, cry aloud out, lift up, neigh, rejoice, make to shine, shout

A prim root; to gleam, i.e. (figuratively) be cheerful; by transf. To sound clear (of various animal or human expressions) -- bellow, cry aloud (out), lift up, neigh, rejoice, make to shine, shout.


H6670. tsahal

I. [צָהַל‎] verb neigh, cry shrilly (Arabic neigh, Syriac id.; ᵑ7Esther 8:15 = Biblical Hebrew); —

Qal Perfect3feminine singular צָֽהֲלָהEsther 8:15; 3plural צָֽהֲלוּIsaiah 24:14; Imperfect3masculine plural יִצְהָ֑לוּJeremiah 5:8; 2feminine singular תצהלי50:11 Kt, Qr 2 masculine plural תִּצְהֲלוּ‎ and so Vrss; Imperative feminine singular צַהֲלִיIsaiah 10:30 +; masculine plural צַהֲלוּJeremiah 31:7; —

1 neigh, of men under figure of stallions; with אֶלunto (in desire) Jeremiah 5:8, of profligate Judaeans; absolute 50:11 of arrogant Chaldeans.

2 cry shrilly, in distress Isaiah 10:30 (c. adverb accusative קוֺלֵךְ‎); usually joy, praise ("" רָנַן‎) 12:6; 54:1, with בat, over, Jeremiah 31:7; Isaiah 24:14; + שָׂמֵ֑חָהEsther 8:15.

II. [צָהַל‎] verb Hiph`il make shining (Late Hebrew id. (rare); "" form of צהר‎, denominative from צהרים‎); — Infinitive construct מִשָּׁ֑מֶן מָּנִים לְהַצְהִילPsalm 104:15.


(√of following; compare Arabic appear, mount, back, midday; Assyrian ƒêru (Tel Amarna zu°ru, etc.), back; Aramaic טִיהֲרָא‎, MI15 הצהרם‎, midday; LangBN 129; > Köii. 1, 93 (compare Thes) = shine, "" זהר‎, Late Hebrew Hiph`il (rare), for this is in Aramaic צהר‎ (rare)); הִצְהִיר‎ Ecclus 43:3is denominative from צהרים‎.