Word Summary
tsabah: to swell, swell up
Original Word: צָבָה
Transliteration: tsabah
Phonetic Spelling: (tsaw-baw')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to swell, swell up
Meaning: to amass, grow turgid, to array an army against
Strong's Concordance
fight swell

A primitive root; to amass, i.e. Grow turgid; specifically, to array an army against -- fight swell.


H6638. tsabah

I. [צָבָה‎] verb swell, swell up (Late Hebrew id.); —

Qal Perfect3feminine singular consecutive וְצָֽבְתָהNumbers 5:27; apparently

Hiph`il Infinitive construct לַצְבּוֺתNumbers 5:22, < read

Qal לִצְבּוֺת‎ Di Ol§ 78 c Sta§ 114 a, 2; both of adulteress' belly. — צֹבֶיהָIsaiah 29:7 see צבא‎.