Word Summary
petha: suddenness
Original Word: פֶתַע
Transliteration: petha
Phonetic Spelling: (peh'-thah)
Part of Speech: substantive
Short Definition: suddenness
Meaning: a wink, moment
Strong's Concordance
at an instant, suddenly, very

From an unused root meaning to open (the eyes); a wink, i.e. Moment (compare pith'owm) (used only (with or without preposition) adverbially, quickly or unexpectedly) -- at an instant, suddenly, X very.

see HEBREW pith'owm


H6621. petha

מֶּתַעsubstantive suddenness ( √ unknown: compare Assyrian ina pitti, ina pittimma, in suddenness, instantly, DlHWB 553): — Numbers 35:22 . . . וְאִםבְּֿפֶתַע הֲדָפוֺ‎ if he have thrust him in suddenness, before he is aware what he has done (i.e. accidentally); + מִּתְאֹם6:9 פתאם בפתע עליו מת ימות וכי‎ i.e. very suddenly; לְפֶתַעaccording to (לְ‎, p. 5 I 6 b) suddenness, Isaiah 29:5 פתאם לפתע והיה‎ = at an instant, suddenly, 30:13 יבוא לפתע פתאם אשׁר שִׁבְרָהּ‎. As adverb accusative, suddenly, Proverbs 6:15 (= 29:1) יִשָּׁבֵר מֶּתַע‎, Habakkuk 2:7.