Word Summary
pasaq: to part, open wide
Original Word: פָשַׂק
Transliteration: pasaq
Phonetic Spelling: (paw-sak')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to part, open wide
Meaning: to dispart, become licentious
Strong's Concordance
open wide

A primitive root; to dispart (the feet or lips), i.e. Become licentious -- open (wide).


H6589. pasaq

[מָּשַׂק‎ ] verb part, open wide (Late Hebrew מָּסַק‎, Aramaic מְּסַק‎, , all cut, sever, cleave); —

Qal Participle שְׂפָתָיו שֲֵֹׁקProverbs 13:3 i.e. one talkative.

Pi`el Imperfect2feminine singular אֶתרַֿגְלַיִךְ וַתְּפַשְּׂקִיEzekiel 16:23 (with ל‎ person; sensu obsc.).