Word Summary
Pirathoni: inhabitant of Pirathon
Original Word: פִרְעָתוֹנִי
Transliteration: Pirathoni
Phonetic Spelling: (pir-aw-tho-nee')
Part of Speech: Adjective, of a people
Short Definition: inhabitant of Pirathon
Meaning: Pirathonite -- inhabitant of Pirathon
Strong's Concordance

Or Pirathoniy {pir-aw-tho-nee'}; patrial from Pir'athown; a Pirathonite or inhabitant of Pirathon -- Pirathonite.

see HEBREW Pir'athown


H6553. Pirathoni

מִּרְעָתוֺנִיadjective, of a people of foregoing, Judges 12:13, 15; 1 Chronicles 27:14 compare מִּרְעָחֹנִי2 Samuel 23:30 = 1 Chronicles 11:31.

II. פרע‎ (√ of following; compare Syriac sprout; Assyrian pir'u, sprout, progeny, pirtu, hair of head; late Arabic sprout (Schroeter in MeiArchiv. i. 176 Dozyii.256), long hair of woman; — on this and following √ see SchulthHom. Wurx. 56ZMG iiv (1900), 154).