Word Summary
parad: to divide
Original Word: פָרַד
Transliteration: parad
Phonetic Spelling: (paw-rad')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to divide
Meaning: to break through, spread, separate
Strong's Concordance
disperse, divide, be out of joint, part, scatter abroad, separate self, sever self, stretch,

A primitive root; to break through, i.e. Spread or separate (oneself) -- disperse, divide, be out of joint, part, scatter (abroad), separate (self), sever self, stretch, sunder.


H6504. parad

I. [מָּרַד‎] verb divide (Late Hebrew id., divide, separate; so Syriac in derived species and derivatives; Arabic be single, sole, also (Dozy) unfold, unroll): —

Qal Passive participle feminine plural מְּרֻדוֺתEzekiel 1:11 divided, i.e. spread, of wings.

Niph`al Perfect3plural נִפְרְדוּGenesis 10:5, 32, נִפְרָ֑דוּ2 Samuel 1:23; Imperfect, יִמָּרֵדGenesis 2:10; Proverbs 19:4, etc.; Imperative masculine singular נָא הִמָּ֫רֶדGenesis 13:9; Infinitive construct לוֺט הִמָּֽרֶדֿ13:14; Participle נִפְרָדJudges 4:11; Proverbs 18:1, נִמְּרָדִיםNehemiah 4:13; —

1 divide, separate (intransitive), Genesis 2:10 (of river, dividing into branches); of one man separating from another, with מֵעַל13:9, 11, מֵעִם13:14 (all J), from others, מִןJudges 4:11; reciprocal Genesis 25:23 (J; of sons of Rebekah representing nations, with מִמֵּעַיִךְ‎ in construction praegn. [Ges§ 119ff], i.e. divided (hostile) from birth); absolute Proverbs 18:1; of peoples separating from (מִן‎) parent stock 10:5, 32 (P).

2 be divided, separated, 2 Samuel 1:23; Nehemiah 4:13; of loss of friendship Proverbs 19:4.

Pi`el Imperfect3masculine singular יְפָרֵ֑דוּHosea 4:14 make a separation, i.e. go apart (in company with [עִם‎] harlots, compare RSSemitic i. 436, 2nd ed. 455).

Pu`al Participle divided, הָעַמִּים בֵּין וּמְפֹרָד עַםמְ֗֗֗פֻזָּרEsther 3:8

Hiph`il Perfect3masculine singular הִפְרִידGenesis 30:40; Imperfect יַפְרִידRuth 1:17; Proverbs 18:18, 3masculine plural וַיַּפְרִדוּ2 Kings 2:11; Infinitive construct suffix בְּהַפְרִידוֺDeuteronomy 32:8; Participle מַפְרִידProverbs 16:28; 17:9; —

1 divide, separate Genesis 30:40 (JE) Deuteronomy 32:8, of separating friends Proverbs 16:28; 17:9.

2 make a division, separation, between (בֵּין‎), 2 Kings 2:11; Ruth 1:17; of parting disputants (with בֵּין‎) Proverbs 18:18.

Hithpa`el Perfect3plural וְהִתְמָּֽרְדוּPsalm 22:15; Imperfect יִתְמָּֽרְדוּ92:10, רָ֑דוּ‎- Job 4:11; 41:9; — be divided, separated, from each other; of scales of crocodile (c. negative) 41:9, of bones, = be loosened at the joint, Psalm 22:15 (figurative of helplessness); = be dispersed Job 4:11; Psalm 92:10.