Word Summary
aphiq: a channel
Original Word: אָפִיק
Transliteration: aphiq
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-feek')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a channel
Meaning: containing, a tube, a bed, valley of a, stream, a strong thing, a hero
Strong's Concordance
brook, channel, mighty, river, scale, stream, strong piece

From 'acaph; properly, containing, i.e. A tube; also a bed or valley of a stream; also a strong thing or a hero -- brook, channel, mighty, river, + scale, stream, strong piece.

see HEBREW 'acaph


H650. aphiq

[אָפִיק‎] noun masculine2 Samuel 22:16 channel (as holding, confining waters; in poetry) — constructאֲפִיקJob 6:15; pluralאֲפִיקִיםEzekiel 6:3 +; אֲפִקִים32:6; construct אֲפִיקֵיJoel 1:20 +; suffix אֲפִיקֶיךָEzekiel 35:8; אֲפִיקָיוIsaiah 8:7channel = stream-bed, ravine, wady ׳א מַיִםPsalm 42:2; Joel 1:20; compare Joel 4:18; Song of Solomon 5:12; also Psalm 18:16, but better ׳א יָם2 Samuel 22:16; ׳א נְחָלִיםJob 6:15; of river-bed Isaiah 8:7; so also (without defining word) Ezekiel 31:12; 32:6; 34:13; Psalm 126:4; "" גַּיְאEzekiel 6:3; 35:8; 36:4, 6; figurative of bones of hippopotamus (as hollow) ׳א נְחֻשָׁהJob 40:18; of furrows between scales of crocodile ׳א מָגִּנִּים41:7אֲפִיקִים מְזִיהַ12:21 is dubious; read perhaps אַבִּירִים‎ Du (see also Bu). Thes MV Di and others say girdle of the strong (אָפִיק‎ = firm forceful, or — Di — capable, powerful); "" נְדָבִים‎.