Word Summary
ashar: to be or become rich
Original Word: עָשַׁר
Transliteration: ashar
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-shar')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to be or become rich
Meaning: to accumulate, chiefly, to grow, rich
Strong's Concordance
become rich, make rich, wax rich

A primitive root; properly, to accumulate; chiefly (specifically) to grow (causatively, make) rich -- be(-come, en-, make, make self, wax) rich, make (1 Kings 22:48 marg). See asar.

see HEBREW asar


H6238. ashar

[עָשַׁר‎] verb be or become rich (Late Hebrew in derived species, and derivatives; Aramaic עֲתַר‎, ; compare Arabic abound with herbage, abundance, of herbage, goods, etc.); —

Qal Perfect1singular עָשַׁרְתִּיHosea 12:9 I have become rich; Imperfect3masculine singular יֶעְשַׁרJob 15:29 he shall not be rich. — 1 Kings 22:49 read עָשָׂה

Hiph`il 1. make rich, with accusative of person: Perfect1singular הֶעֱשַׁרְתִּיGenesis 14:23; 2feminine singular הֶעֱשַׁרְתְּEzekiel 27:33 (of personified Tyre; + הוֺנַיִח בְּרֹב‎); Imperfect3masculine singular suffix יַעְשְׁרֶנּוּ‎ (Ges§ 61g),+ accusative of congnate meaning with verb עשֶׁר‎; 2 masculine singular suffix תַּעְשְׁרֶנָּהּ רַבַּתPsalm 65:10 thou dost greatly enrich it (the land); object omitted 3 feminine singular תַּעֲשִׁירProverbs 10:22, so Participle מַעֲשִׁיר1 Samuel 2:7 ׳יmaketh rich (opposed to מוֺרִישׁ‎).

2 gain riches, absolute: Imperfect3masculine singular יַעֲשִׁרPsalm 49:17, יַעֲשִׁירProverbs 21:7; Daniel 11:2 (+ accusative of congnate meaning with verb עשֶׁר‎); 3 feminine singular תַּעֲשִׁירProverbs 10:4; 1singular וָאַעֲשִׁרZechariah 11:5(Gi Kt; van d. H. Baer וַאעֲשִׁר‎); 3 masculine plural וַיַּעֲשִׁירוּJeremiah 5:27; Infinitive construct לְהַעֲשִׁירProverbs 23:4; 28:20.

Hithpa`el Participle מִתְעַשֵּׁרProverbs 13:7 one enriching himself.