Word Summary
erek: an order, row, estimate
Original Word: עֵרֶךְ
Transliteration: erek
Phonetic Spelling: (eh'rek)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: an order, row, estimate
Meaning: a pile, equipment, estimate
Strong's Concordance
equal, estimation, things that are set in order, price, proportion, set at, suit, taxation,

From arak; a pile, equipment, estimate -- equal, estimation, (things that are set in) order, price, proportion, X set at, suit, taxation, X valuest.

see HEBREW arak


H6187. erek

עֵ֫רֶךְ33 noun masculineLeviticus 27:25 order, row, estimate — construct ׳עJudges 17:10; Exodus 40:23; suffix עֶרְכִּיPsalm 55:14, עֶרְכְּךָLeviticus 5:15 +, etc.; —

1 order, row, ׳ע בְּגָדִיםJudges 17:10 a (complete) suit of clothes (laid out in order), ᵐ5B στολὴν ἱματίων; ׳ע לֶחֶםExodus 40:23 i.e. loaves arranged in a row, so ׳ע‎ alone 40:4 (P); עֶרְכּוֺJob 41:4 his symmetry (see חִין‎ below חנן‎).

2 estimate, valuation, made by ordering, classifying: כְּעֶרְכּוֺ אִישׁ2 Kings 23:35; in 12:5 read עֵרֶךְ‎ (for עוֺנֵּר ᵑ0‎) money of a man's valuation ᵐ5‎ Benz Kit, and probably strike out עֶרְכּוֺ נַפְשׁוֺת כֶּסֶף‎ (?׳כ נ ׳עֶרֶח‎ Kit) as gloss (StaZAW v (1885), 288 f.); כְּעֶרְכִּיPsalm 55:14 a man according to my valuation, figurative for my equal; elsewhere P, of priest's valuation of trespass-offering Leviticus 5:15, 18; Leviticus 5:25, vows, and redemption-money 27:2-3,(twice in verse); 27:4 17t. 27 (עֶרְכְּךָ כֶּסֶף‎ see 15; 27:19, הָעֶרְכְּךָ מִכְסַת27:23 [strike out ךְָ‎], compare 27:23b [strike out id.]), Numbers 18:16. — Job 28:13 read ᵐ5 דַּרְכָּהּ‎ Di and others