Word Summary
arah: to be naked or bare
Original Word: עָרָה
Transliteration: arah
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-raw')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to be naked or bare
Meaning: to be, bare, to empty, pour out, demolish
Strong's Concordance
leave destitute, discover, empty, make naked, pour out, rase, spread self, uncover

A primitive root; to be (causatively, make) bare; hence, to empty, pour out, demolish -- leave destitute, discover, empty, make naked, pour (out), rase, spread self, uncover.


H6168. arah

[עָרָה‎] verb be naked, bare (Arabic be naked; Phoenician ערה‎ [Pi`el] lay bare (compare Bloch Lzb); Assyrian ûru, nakedness, also desert waste (compare [עָרָה‎] below) JägerBAS ii. 282 and references; Late Hebrew עֶרְוָה‎ = Biblical Hebrew, עִירְיְתָא ᵑ7‎; Syriac in Lexicons); —

Pi`el Perfect3masculine singular עֵרָהIsaiah 22:6; Zephaniah 2:14; Imperfect3masculine singular יְעָרֶהIsaiah 3:17; 3 feminine singular וַהְּעַרGenesis 24:20; 2masculine singular jussive תְּעַרPsalm 141:8; 3masculine plural וִיעָרוּ2 Chronicles 24:11; Imperative masculine plural עָ֫רוּPsalm 137:7 (twice in verse); Infinitive absolute עָרוֺתHabakkuk 3:13 (Ges§ 75n); —

1 lay bare Isaiah 3:17; 22:6; Zephaniah 2:14 (indefinite subject); of laying foundations bare, i.e. tearing down walls, etc. Habakkuk 3:13 (yet on text see Now), absolute עָ֑רוּ עָ֫רוּPsalm 137:7 (twice in verse).

2 lay bare by removing contents, empty, water-jar Genesis 24:20 (J; + אֶל‎ location), chest 2 Chronicles 24:11.

3 pour out, נַמְּשִׁי אַלתְּֿעַרPsalm 141:8 (i.e. slay).

Hiph`il Perfect3masculine singular הֶעֱרָה ׃

1 make naked, of sexual offences Leviticus 20:18-19, (both "" גִּלָּה‎).

2 pour out, נַפְשׁוֺ ׳הע, לַמָּוֶתIsaiah 53:12 (figurative for slay, compare Qal 3).

Niph`al passive of Hiph`il 2 :3masculine singular רוּחַ עָלֵינוּ יֵעָרֶהIsaiah 32:15 (figurative) until there be poured upon us a spirit from on high.

Hithpa`el 1. Imperfect2feminine singular תִּתְעָרִ֑יLamentations 4:21 thou shalt make thyself naked (of Edom under figure of drunken woman).

2 Participle מִתְעָרֶהPsalm 37:35 usually pouring himself, i.e. spreading himself out like a tree (Bae doubts; Du מִתְעַלֶּהlifting himself up, compare ᵐ5‎).

[עַרְוָה‎] noun feminine dishonour (√ערה‎, Biblical Hebrew be naked (q. v.), עֶתְוָהnakedness); — construct עַרְוַתEzra 4:14.