Word Summary
Arad: a Canaanite city in the Negev
Original Word: עֲרָד
Transliteration: Arad
Phonetic Spelling: (ar-awd')
Part of Speech: verb; proper name, of a location; proper name, masculine
Short Definition: a Canaanite city in the Negev
Meaning: Arad -- a Canaanite city in the Negev
Strong's Concordance

From an unused root meaning to sequester itself; fugitive; Arad, the name of a place near Palestine, also of a Canaanite and an Israelite -- Arad.


H6166. Arad

[עָרַג‎] verb long for (compare Arabic ascend, II. bend, incline toward (); high, elevated; Ethiopic ascend; Late Hebrew עֲרוּגָה‎ = Biblical Hebrew); —

Qal Imperfect3feminine singular תַּעֲרֹגPsalm 42:2 (of stag, with עַל‎ of thing in simile); with אֶל‎, of longing for God 42:2 (subject נַפְשִׁי‎), so תַּעֲרוֺגJoel 1:20 (of beasts, craving water).

I. עֲרָדproper name, of a location Canaanite city in the Negeb, Αραδ (Egyptian ±a-ru-dâ WMM As.u.Eur.168, 170); — Judges 1:16, ׳מֶלֶחעֿNumbers 21:1 (JE) = 33:40, Joshua 12:14 (D, Α(ι)ραθ, A ᵐ5L Αδερ); probably modern Tel Arad, 16 2-Janmiles south of Hebron; compare GFM Judges 1:16 Buhl Geogr. 182.

II. עֲרָדproper name, masculine Benjamite 1 Chronicles 8:15, Ωρηρ, A Αρωδ, ᵐ5L Αραδ.