Word Summary
arabah: a steppe or desert plain, also a desert valley running S. from the Sea of Galilee
Original Word: עֲרָבָה
Transliteration: arabah
Phonetic Spelling: (ar-aw-baw')
Part of Speech: Noun Feminine
Short Definition: a steppe or desert plain, also a desert valley running S. from the Sea of Galilee
Meaning: Arabah -- a steppe or desert plain, also a desert valley running south from the Sea of Galilee
Strong's Concordance
desert, plain, wilderness

From arab (in the sense of sterility); a desert; especially (with the article prefix) the (generally) sterile valley of the Jordan and its continuation to the Red Sea -- Arabah, champaign, desert, evening, heaven, plain, wilderness. See also Beyth ha-'Arabah.

see HEBREW arab

see HEBREW Beyth ha-'Arabah


H6160. arabah

I. עֲרָבָה61 noun feminine desert-plain, steppe; — absolute ׳ע2 Samuel 4:7 +, suffix עַרְבָתָהּIsaiah 51:3; plural עֲרָבוֺתJeremiah 5:6; Psalm 68:5, construct עַרְבוֺת2 Kings 25:5 +, עַרְבֹתJeremiah 52:8; —

1 earliest use:

a. arid steppe west of Dead Sea (in southern Judah) 1 Samuel 23:24, also Ezekiel 47:8; Isaiah 51:3, whence name הָע ׳יָםJoshua 3:16 (JE) "" הַמֶּלַח יָם‎), also 2 Kings 14:25; Deuteronomy 4:49, and ("" id.) 3:17; Joshua 12:3 (D); הָעֲרָבָה נַחַלAmos 6:14 must be east of Dead Sea, si vera lectio, but read probably ׳נ מִצְרַיִם‎ see נַחַל‎.

b. Jordan-valley west of river + adjacent plain; near ford (opposite Jericho) 2 Samuel 2:29, compare Joshua 8:14 (JE); also Deuteronomy 11:30; 2 Kings 25:4 = Jeremiah 39:4 = 52:7; — 2 Samuel 15:28; 17:16 see עֲבָרָה

c. Jordan-valley east of river 2 Samuel 4:7.

2 in D:

a. especially of east Jordan plain Deuteronomy 1:1 (probably) Joshua 12:1, 3, east half of Jordan-valley Deuteronomy 3:17; 4:49; of entire Jordan-valley (between כִּנֶּרֶת‎ and Dead Sea, modern El-Ghôr, the Depression) 1:7; Joshua 11:2, 16; west Jordan plain only 12:8; depression south of Dead Sea (modern Wady el-`Arabah) Deuteronomy 2:8.

3 in P always plural construct מוֺאָב עַרְבוֺת‎ (east Jordan) Numbers 22:1 11t. (see מוֺאָב‎); ׳ע עְרֵחוֺ‎ (West Jordan) Joshua 4:13; 5:10, also 2 Kings 25:5 = Jeremiah 39:5 = 52:8.

4 apparently North Arabian desert Isaiah 40:3; 41:19.

5 in General the steppe (often "" מִדְבָּר‎), Jeremiah 17:6; 50:12; Isaiah 33:9; 35:1, 6; Job 24:5; 39:6; Psalm 68:5; עֲרָבוֺת זְאֵבJeremiah 5:6 (figurative of invader); compare description of Exodus וְשׁוּחָה עֲרָבָה אֶרֶץ2:6; in simile, of a plain, of future land of Judah Zechariah 14:10. — See DrDeuteronomy 1:1 and references BuhlGeogr. 111.

עַרְבָתִי‎ see הָעֲרָבָה בֵּית

V. ערב‎ (√ of following; compare Assyrian erêbu, enter, go in; erêb šamši, sunset; Arabic set (distinct from depart, = Sabean עֿרבwithdraw, according to DHMEpigr. Denkm. 27), place of sunset, west; Sabean מערבי מערבם,‎ [not עֿ‎ !] west, western, CISiv. p. 199 DHMl.c.; Ethiopic set (of heavenly bodies), so Syriac ; evening (LagBN 64 f.); Zinjirli מערבwest; Late Hebrew עֶרֶב‎ = Biblical Hebrew. Hence also Εὐπώπη, Europe, LewyFremdw. 139).