Word Summary
aqar: to pluck or root up
Original Word: עָקַר
Transliteration: aqar
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-kar')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to pluck or root up
Meaning: to pluck up, to hamstring, to exterminate
Strong's Concordance
dig down, pluck up, root up

A primitive root; to pluck up (especially by the roots); specifically, to hamstring; figuratively, to exterminate -- dig down, hough, pluck up, root up.


H6131. aqar

[עָקַר‎] verb denominative pluck or root up

Qal Infinitive construct לַעֲקוֺר‎ with accusative Ecclesiastes 3:2 (opposed to נָטַע‎).

Niph`al Imperfect3feminine singular תֵּעָקֵר עֶקְרוֺןZephaniah 2:4 (word-play).

עִקֵּרverbPi`eldenom (from עֵקַר‎ or other like word = (root-sinew), hamstring; — hamstring horses (on Arabic funeral usage, with camel and horse see WeHeid. 2, 181): Perfect3masculine singular ׳עJoshua 11:9, Imperfect3masculine singularוַיְעַקֵּר2 Samuel 8:4 = 1 Chronicles 18:4, 2masculine singularתְּעַקֵּרJoshua 11:6 all with accusative; Perfect3masculine plural שׁוֺר עִקְּרוּGenesis 49:6they hamstrung an ox.