Word Summary
ophel: a mound, hill
Original Word: עֹפֶל
Transliteration: ophel
Phonetic Spelling: (o'-fel)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a mound, hill
Meaning: a tumor, a mound, fortress
Strong's Concordance
emerod, fort, strong hold, tower

From aphal; a tumor; also a mound, i.e. Fortress -- emerod, fort, strong hold, tower.

see HEBREW aphal


H6076. ophel

I. עֹ֫פֶלnoun [masculine] mound, hill, only as acropolis; — ׳ע‎ absolute 2 Kings 5:24 +, construct Micah 4:8; — fortified mound or hill within city, or Jerusalem (compare RobBR i. 267 GuZPV v (1882), 326) 4:8; Isaiah 32:14; south end of eastern hill Nehemiah 3:26; 11:21; 2 Chronicles 33:14 הָע ׳חוֺמַתNehemiah 3:27; 2 Chronicles 27:3 (compare העפל חמת‎ in קרחה‎ MI21, 22); of Samaria 2 Kings 5:24.

II. [עֹ֫פֶל‎] noun masculine1 Samuel 6:4 tumour; — only plural Kt (בָּ)עֳפָלִיםDeuteronomy 28:27; 1 Samuel 5:6, 9, 12; construct עָפְלֵי6:4; suffix עָפְלֵיכֶם6:5; Qr in all טְחֹרֵיכֶם טְחֹרֵי, (ב)טְחֹרִים,‎, see [ טְחוֺר‎].