Word Summary
anaph: a branch, bough
Original Word: עָנָף
Transliteration: anaph
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-nawf')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a branch, bough
Meaning: a branch, bough
Strong's Concordance
bough, branch

From an unused root meaning to cover; a twig (as covering the limbs) -- bough, branch.


H6057. anaph

עָנָףnoun [masculine] branch(es), bough(s); — usually singular collective, absolute ׳עbranches of vine Ezekiel 17:8, plural only suffix עֲנָפֶיהָPsalm 80:11 (both in figure); boughs of tree, construct עֲנַףLeviticus 23:40, suffix (as if from ֗֗֗ עֶנֶף‎ Köii. 1, 74) עַנְמְּכֶםEzekiel 36:8; singular absolute (in figurative) Malachi 3:19, of cedar 17:23; 31:3.