Word Summary
amel: a laborer, sufferer
Original Word: עָמֵל
Transliteration: amel
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-male')
Part of Speech: noun masculine
Short Definition: a laborer, sufferer
Meaning: toiling, a laborer, sorrowful
Strong's Concordance
that labors, that is a misery, had taken labor, wicked, workman

From amal; toiling; concretely, a laborer; figuratively, sorrowful -- that laboureth, that is a misery, had taken (labour), wicked, workman.

see HEBREW amal


H6001. amel

I. עָמֵלnoun masculineProverbs 16:26 labourer, sufferer; — ׳ע16:26 2t.; plural עֲמֵלִיםJudges 5:26; —

1 labourer, workman: Judges 5:26; Proverbs 16:26.

2 sufferer, Job 3:20 ("" נֶפֶשׁ מָרֵי‎), 20:22.