Word Summary
alam: perpetuity, antiquity
Original Word: עָלַם
Transliteration: alam
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-lam')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: perpetuity, antiquity
Meaning: remote time, the future, past, forever
Strong's Concordance
forever lasting, old

(Aramaic) corresponding to owlam; remote time, i.e. The future or past indefinitely; often adverb, forever -- for ((n-))ever (lasting), old.

see HEBREW owlam


H5957. alam

עָלַםnoun [masculine] perpetuity, antiquity (see Biblical Hebrew III> עוֺלָם עלם,‎); — ׳ע‎ absolute Daniel 3:33 +, construct Daniel 7:18; emphatic עָֽלְמָא2:20 +; plural עָֽלְמִין2:4 +, emphatic עָֽלְמַיָּא2:44; 7:18; — perpetuity in the future: ע ׳מַלְכוּת‎ Daniel 3:33; 7:27, compare 4:31; 7:14; ׳ע‎ as adverb for ever 4:31; עָֽלְמַיָּא וְעַדעָֿלַם עַדעָֽֿלְמָא7:18; plural ׳לְעfor ever 2:4, 44, 44; 3:9; 5:10; 6:7; 6:22; 6:27; antiquity, עָֽלְמָא מִןיֿוֺמָתEzra 4:15, 19; of limitless time both past and future: ׳מִןעֿ ׳וְעַדעֿDaniel 2:20.