Word Summary
Ay or Ayya or Ayyath: a Canaanite city
Original Word: עַי
Transliteration: Ay or Ayya or Ayyath
Phonetic Spelling: (ah'ee)
Part of Speech: Proper Name Location
Short Definition: a Canaanite city
Meaning: Ai -- a Canaanite city
Strong's Concordance
Ai, Aija, Aijath,

Or (feminine) uaya((Neh. 11:31) {ah-yaw'}; or eayath (Isaiah 10:28) {ah-yawth'}; for iy; Ai, Aja or Ajath, a place in Palestine -- Ai, Aija, Aijath, Hai.

see HEBREW iy


H5857. Ay

or Ayya or Ayyath עַיָּה עַיָּ֑ת, עַי,40

proper name, of a location Αγγαι (Genesis), Γαι:

1 old Canaanite city, עַי‎ always with article הָעַי‎ (הָעָ֑יGenesis 13:3 +), near Bethel to the southeast (exact site unknown, compare DiJoshua 7:2 BuhlGeogr. 177), Genesis 12:8 (J), 13:3 (J), Joshua 7:2 (twice in verse); 7:3-4, 5; 8:1 (twice in verse); 8:2, 318t. Joshua 8 (+ Qr 8:12; 8:16, but improbable, Kt עיר‎, compare Di), 9:3; 10:1 (twice in verse); 10:2 (all J E), 12:9 (D), Ezra 2:28 = Nehemiah 7:32; = עַיָּתIsaiah 10:28; עַיָּה‎ (so Baer Ginsb, > עַיָּא‎ van d. H.) Nehemiah 11:31, so read also (for עַזָּה‎ q. v. near the end) 1 Chronicles 7:28.

2 east Jordan city Jeremiah 49:3 (+ חֶשְׁבוֺן‎), but read עָרcity (?) Gf RothstKau Co (הָעִיר‎ ?).

עִי‎ see I. עוה‎. עַיָּא‎ see עַי‎. עיב‎ see עוב‎.

עֵיבָל‎ see עוֺבָל‎ below עבל‎. עַיָּה‎ see עַי‎. p. 716, above