Word Summary
annah or anna: ah, now! I (we) beseech you!
Original Word: אָנּאָ
Transliteration: annah or anna
Phonetic Spelling: (awn-naw')
Part of Speech: Interjection
Short Definition: ah, now! I (we) beseech you!
Meaning: ah, now! I (we) beseech you!
Strong's Concordance
I beseech thee, O

Or mannah {awn-naw'}; apparent contracted from 'ahabah and na'; oh now! -- I (me) beseech (pray) thee, O.

see HEBREW 'ahabah

see HEBREW na'


H577. annah

or anna אָֽנָּ֫אinterjection (from אָהּ‎ and נָא‎, q. v.) a strong particle of entreaty, ah, now! I (or We) beseech thee! often followed by an imperative; Genesis 50:17 (to Joseph) וג נָא שָׂא ׳אָנָּאAh, now ! forgive, we pray, etc., Exodus 32:31 (to God); elsewhere always followed by ׳י‎ or אֲדֹנָיPsalm 118:25 (twice in verse); Nehemiah 1:5, 11; Daniel 9:4. Written אָֽנָּ֫ה2 Kings 20:3 (= Isaiah 38:3) Jonah 1:14; 4:2; Psalm 116:4; 116:16.

אנב‎ (perhaps spring, leap, so DlHA 65, Pr 114, inferred from Assyrian annabu, hare; against this NöZMG 1886, 734).