Word Summary
agur: (a kind of bird) perhaps a crane
Original Word: עָגוּר
Transliteration: agur
Phonetic Spelling: (aw-goor')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: (a kind of bird) perhaps a crane
Meaning: (a kind of bird) perhaps a crane
Strong's Concordance

Passive part (but with active sense) of an unused root meaning to twitter: probably the swallow -- swallow.


H5693. agur

עָגוּרnoun [masculine] apparently understood by Masoretes as name of a bird; very uncertain; crane according to Saad (Isaiah), but note of crane not suitable (TristrNHB 239 f.); — וְעָגוּר וְסוּס וְתוֺרJeremiah 8:7; עָגוּר כְּסוּסIsaiah 38:14 (but here gloss Klo Brd Di Dn CheHpt); Thes and (in Jeremiah) Hi Gf Gie strike out וְ‎ and take ׳ע‎ as adjective of סוס‎ = twittering or the like; Thes assumes transpos. from גער‎, Ethiopic cry.

I, II, III. עַד‎ see I. עדה‎. עֵד‎ see עוד‎.

עֹד‎ see עוֺד‎. עִדֹּא‎ see עדד‎. below,

עדד‎ (√ of following; compare Arabic count, reckon, number, period; Aramaic עִדָּנָאtime).