Word Summary
abi or obi: thickness
Original Word: עֲבִי
Transliteration: abi or obi
Phonetic Spelling: (ab-ee')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: thickness
Meaning: density, depth, width
Strong's Concordance

Or mobiy {ob-ee'}; from abah; density, i.e. Depth or width -- thick(-ness). Compare ab.

see HEBREW abah

see HEBREW ab


H5672. abi

or obi עֲבִיnoun [masculine] thickness; — construct ׳ע מָגִנָּיו נַּבֵּיJob 15:26 the thickness (stoutness) of the bosses of his shields (in figurative); suffix עָבְיוֺits thickness, of the molten sea 1 Kings 7:26 2 Chronicles 4:5; of pillar Jeremiah 52:21. — 2 Chronicles 4:17 see following — Under עבה‎ belongs perhaps also הֶעָנָן בְּעַבExodus 19:9 (read בַּעֲבִי‎ ?) in the thickness of the clouds, compare BuThLz 1892 (3), 63 Köii 1, 86.