Word Summary
ceren: tyrant, lord
Original Word: סֶרֶן
Transliteration: ceren
Phonetic Spelling: (seh'-ren)
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: tyrant, lord
Meaning: an axle, a peer
Strong's Concordance
lord, plate

From an unused root of uncertain meaning; an axle; figuratively, a peer -- lord, plate.


H5633. ceren

I. [סֶ֫רֶן‎]21 noun masculine tyrant, lord (Philistine loan-word); — plural absolute הַסְּרָנִיםJudges 16:30 2t.; construct סַרְנֵי3:3 16t.; suffix סַרְנֵיכֶם1 Samuel 6:4; — only of tyrants, lords of the Philistines, five in number Judges 3:3; Joshua 13:3 (D), 1 Samuel 6:16, 18 compare 6:4, i.e. apparently, one ruling each of the five cities (named 6:17); without the numeral Judges 16:5-6t. Judges 16; 1 Samuel 5:8 7t. 1Samuel; + 1 Chronicles 12:20 (Bear Ginsb; v.12:19 van d. H.).

II. [סֶ֫רֶן‎] noun [masculine] axle (Aramaic ; √ unknown); — נְחשֶׁת סַרְנֵי1 Kings 7:30 axles of brass (ᵐ5τὰ προσέχοντα, ᵑ9axes).

[סַרְעַמָּה‎] see סעף‎. סרף‎ see שׂרף‎.