Word Summary
immar: a lamb
Original Word: אִמַּר
Transliteration: immar
Phonetic Spelling: (im-mar')
Part of Speech: Noun Masculine
Short Definition: a lamb
Meaning: a lamb
Strong's Concordance

(Aramaic) perhaps from 'amar (in the sense of bringing forth); a lamb -- lamb.

see HEBREW 'amar


H563. immar

[אִמַּר‎] noun masculine lamb (Assyrian immeru (also = child; immertu, girl; conjectures as to etymology DlProl. 28 JenZMG xiiii (1889), 203; ZA vii. 216 SchwIdioticon 114), אמריא ᵑ7‎; Syriac , Punic אמר‎, Palmyrene plural emphatic אמריא‎ Lzb220 CookeInscr. 120. 337; Arabic (loan-word ? compare Frä107, but also DHMVOJ i. 24)); — plural אִמְּרִין‎, lambs, as sacrificial victims Ezra 6:9, 17; 7:17.

אִנְבֵהּ‎ see אֵב‎.