Word Summary
saphan: to cover, cover in, panel
Original Word: סָפַן
Transliteration: saphan
Phonetic Spelling: (saw-fan')
Part of Speech: Verb
Short Definition: to cover, cover in, panel
Meaning: to hide by covering, to roof, wainscot, to reserve
Strong's Concordance
cieled, cover, seated

A primitive root; to hide by covering; specifically, to roof (passive participle as noun, a roof) or wainscot; figuratively, to reserve -- cieled, cover, seated.


H5603. saphan

[סָפַן‎, once, erroneous, ׳שׂ‎]

verb cover, cover in, panel (Late Hebrew סָפַן‎ is respect, care for; Phoenician מספנתroof, Lzb330; Aramaic סְפַן‎ Ithpe`el be covered, overlaid; Assyrian sapânu (sometimes šapânu!), cover, over-whelm Dl508; sapannu, concealment, obscurity, depth (of sea); Ethiopic invalescere, percrebescere, praevalere, Di406); —

Qal Imperfect3masculine singular גֵּבִים אֶתהַֿבַּיִת וַיִּסְמֹּן1 Kings 6:9 and he covered in the house with beams (?); Infinitive absolute בָּאָ֑רֶז סָפוֺןJeremiah 22:14 (reading with JDMich Hi Gf Or Gie Co, סָפוֺן חַלּוֺנָיו‎, for וְסָפוּן חַלּוֺנַי ᵑ0‎, compare DrSm xxx) covering (it) in, panelling (it) with cedar; Passive participle בְּאֶרֶז סָפוּן1 Kings 7:7, בְּאֶרֶז סָפֻן7:3; plural סְפוּנִים בְּבָֽתֵּיכֶםHaggai 1:14 in your panelled houses.סָפוּן‎ strangely = reserved, laid up, Deuteronomy 33:21, and = hidden 33:19 חוֺל טְמֻנֵי שְׂפֻנֵי‎ (only here with שׂ‎; both in sense of צָפוּן‎ [read this ?], compare Dr).